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  1. Navigate to the Commerce Admin (https://www.ezpizee.com/en/user/admin-ui.html) after login.
  2. Under the "Store Setup" section, click on the "Assets" box
  3. After clicking on "Assets", you will be taken to the "Assets" page.  At the top right
    there is a menu consisting of Delete, Edit, New Folder and Upload File.  Click on
    "Upload File"
  4. The next window has four fields.  Enter the name of the product in the first field and
    the description in the second field
  5. In the third field, you may select the folder you wish the product to be filled by
    clicking on the "Select File" button
  6. In the fourth field click on the "Upload File" button and it will allow you to browse
    your computer files for the image you wish to use. Select your image and it will show
    the file name of the image in the fourth field
  7. Once all required fields are completed, click on the blue "Save" button at the top
    right-hand side. You have successfully added your media.