All-around out-of-the-box features

All the tools you need to build and grow your online store how you want!



  • Products

    Create, manage and update your product inventory, product types, product attributes, product metadata and categories.

  • Digital assets library

    Include and manage any number of product images, videos and digital files as well control permissions access for different user types.

  • Offers and promotions

    Increase your sales by offering discounts, bundles, cross-sells and up-sells to your customers.

  • Shopping cart

    Your shopping cart can be customized to fit your needs so that you can build a better checkout experience for your customers.

  • Orders management

    Stay on track of your fullfilment process by managing all orders coming in and out of your store.

  • Subscription plans

    Offer your customers recurring plans for your digital products right from your online store.

  • Payment processing

    Choose amongst the most reliable and popular payment processors such as Stripe, Paypal or Square.

  • Shipping & delivery

    Choose amongst the most reliable and popular delivery/shipping service providers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, VTE, etc.

  • Tax and currency

    Setup correct taxes and currencies by country, or area based on your clients location.

  • Warehouse solutions (coming soon)

    Select a warehouse service provider and configure your service with Ezpizee.

  • Accounting solutions (coming soon)

    Select a reliable accounting service provider (i.e. QuickBook, Xero) and configure the service with Ezpizee to keep your data, between your e-commerce (Ezpizee) and your accounting platform, in synced.



  • Lead generation (coming soon)

    Create customizable web forms or integrate third party application to aquire leads for your marketing campaigns.

  • Reviews and ratings (coming soon)

    Enable your clients to engage with your products by leaving comments and product reviews.
  • Loyalty program (coming soon)

    Setup and invite your clients to join a either point-based or spend-based loyalty program.

  • Web forms

    Create and manage customizable web forms and place them anywhere you wish on your online store.

Store management

Store management

  • Dashboard

    Manage your online store directly on ezpizee's easy to use dashboard and push real-time updates across all channels.

  • Analytics (coming soon)

    View your sales, orders and traffic and gain insightful data to better analyze your online business.

  • Caching

    Pages, sections and files caching can all be managed on your online store with a simple click.

  • Multi-site/store management

    Manage, update your inventory accross your multiple online stores. Also manage your administrators login accesses and levels.

  • Manufacturers (coming soon)

    Categorize and connect your products with different manufacturers and vendors.



  • Point of sales

    Sell in store or on-the-go with our POS checkout system and hardware to easily perform transactions on either mobile, tablet or desktop.

  • CMS Platform

    Plug ezpizee into one of the content management system that we support: Joomla, Adobe Experience Manager, Wordpress, Drupal, or Jahia.

  • Ezpizee Marketplace (coming soon)

    Broaden your reach to our potential customers by having your products sold on our marketplace.



  • Joomla

    Extend ezpizee's plugin to Joomla's content management system to build and customize your eCommerce store.

  • Adobe Experience Manager

    Extend ezpizee's plugin to Adobe Experience Manager content management system to build and customize your eCommerce store.

  • Wordpress

    Extend ezpizee's plugin to Wordpress content management system to build and customize your eCommerce store.

  • Drupal

    Extend ezpizee's plugin to Drupal content management system to build and customize your eCommerce store.

  • Jahia (coming soon)

    Extend ezpizee's plugin to Jahia content management system to build and customize your eCommerce store.



  • Phone, chat or email

    Get technical support by calling us toll-free or by live chat, or by email directly in the ezpizee dashboard. Available on non-free plans members only.

  • FAQ

    Lookup common questions related to our features, services, processes and more on our FAQ page.

  • Documentation

    Looking for answers related to our system, on how-tos or how to get started with ezpizee? Make sure to go to our documentation page.