Ezpizee Subprocessors

Ezpizee uses the following subprocessors for customer data:

Subprocessor Service Provided Corporate Headquarters
Ezpizee Inc. Providing and improving the Ezpizee Payments service Canada
Ezpizee Co., Ltd. Providing and improving the Ezpizee Payments service Cambodia
Guangzhou Oberlo Information Science and Technology, Co., Ltd. Providing the Oberlo application China
DigitalOcean Cloud hosting and CDN Germany
Amazon AWS Cloud hosting USA
Brandfox LLC Fulfillment services USA
Bugsnag Error logging USA
Cardinal Commerce Supports checkout PSD2 compliance USA
Cloudflare Load balancing and DDoS protection USA
Fastly Content delivery USA
Google Maps Mapping delivery USA
Google Cloud Platform Cloud hosting USA
ITS Logistics LLC Fulfillment services USA
MailGun Email transmission USA
Mode Data analysis USA
Port Logistics Group, Inc. Fulfillment services USA
Sauceda Industries LLC Fulfillment services USA
ServerCentral Content delivery USA
ShipHero, LLC Fulfillment services USA
Slack Technologies, Inc. Internal communications USA
Twilio External communications USA
SendGrid External communications USA
Whiplash Merchandising, Inc. Fulfillment services USA
Zendesk Inc. Customer support USA